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Welcome to my world…..

I’m Linda Lawson.   I’ve been sewing since I was a tweenager and never dreamed I would still be doing what I love at this stage in my life. As a young child in the 60’s, my paternal grandparents owned a beautiful farm in central Tennessee.  My earliest memories of their farmhouse was remembering a crib in a back bedroom my sister and I use to stay in when visiting.   I was the youngest grandchild ,so the crib was no longer needed for its original purpose.  Instead it was filled with folded up quilts my grandmother had made over many years.   She died when I was young and never really was able to know her, but the images of her quilts, overflowing in that crib, have been seared in my memory for a lifetime. 

Throughout the years I’ve always been involved with textiles in some form or another.  I’ve owned  a bridal-wear business, worked in a tailor shop, was a  nationally published interior designer,  an A-1 longarm and Intelliquilter dealer and  presently own a t-shirt quilt business.  My love of design and textiles goes deep and is in my blood.   

I decided to use this spot to blog about my quilting journey.  Some things will be tips, but other things will just be musings about my trials and tribulations as I attempt to put together quilts that might be a little harder than I expected.